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We are glad you have found us on the web. Please take another minute or two to look around our web site and get acquainted. At Bethlehem we believe you will find a true church family. We rejoice with each other over the good times and support each other when trials occur. We do this because of our hope and trust in a risen Savior, Jesus Christ. We would love to have you visit us.


If anyone would like a CD of the service for themselves or a friend (or shutin) please stop by the counter next to the soundbooth. Fill out the card provided and drop it in the basket. A CD will be made for you and placed in your mailbox.

Sunday Night Renewal Services Begin Again, Sept 21st at 6:30pm

Our format will follow the description God's Word gives us in I Corinthians 14:26. When you come together, each person has a vital role because each has gifts. One person might have a song, another a lesson to teach, still another a revelation from God. One person might speak in an unknown language, another will offer the interpretation, but all of this should be done to strengthen the life and faith of the community. “The Voice” paraphrase

As we begin this ministry anew we encourage you to come and join us and help us to shape this evening service. We will of course spend time in worship and seeking God's face. We hope to include Christians from additional congregations. Our goals will include praying for Revival for all the churches in our area. We invite you to come and be a part of what God is doing on the 3rd Sunday of each month!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

This Sunday we continue our study of the numbers of Hope “3:16.”

Have you ever noticed that “3:16” is not only an address through which we can find the message of hope in John’s Gospel, but “3:16” is also the address God has given to the residents of Nekoosa (and beyond) that they might find the hope He wants to share with them.

Bethlehem has been “strategically positioned by God to be the conveyor of His hope at “3:16” Buehler Ave.

By the way, do you know the first name of the former postmaster for whom our street Buehler was named? But does our world still need hope in the 21st century?

Listen to how Patsy Clairmont describes how John 3:16 affected her life.

“By twenty I was visibly unraveling mentally and emotionally. It would take the harrowing experience of being overwhelmed with fear before I considered God’s intervening love and relinquished my heart to Christ. 3:16 is the undeniable address my sanity, safety, and eternal security takes refuge in.”

Patsy Clairmont is a Christian comedian whose life in many ways parallels the life of recently deceased comedian Robin Williams. What was the difference between their two lives, I’m sure that Patsy would tell us, “I found 3:16” the number of hope.

Let’s Talk about that this Sunday,

-Pastor Dennis


We urge our lambs (those about 4 years old and up) to bring their friends on the Sundays we have the gatherings. Our second Lamb Gathering is Oct 12. Teaching object - Miniature flashlights.