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SUNDAY, MAY 17, 2015

Bruce Van Natta is a common, everyday person that serves the Living God who is anything but ordinary. His journey from prodigal son to full time ministry stretched out over three decades before culminating in a display of Godís power and grace. After high school the Lord called Bruce into ministry, but instead of being obedient he ran away and chose his own path.

As the years passed the Lord kept knocking at the door of Bruceís heart. Slowly things began to change as the Holy Spirit continued the sanctification process in Bruceís life. Eventually he was brought to the startling revelation that Godís grace and mercy are not for perfect people. Godís love is for everyday people everyday!

In 2006 Bruce was crushed underneath a semi-truck and was at the verge of death. During this near death experience he got to see the two angels that the Lord had sent to save his life. Bruce is the only person doctors can find who has ever lived from some of the injuries he had. Since recovering from this accident he and his family have gone into full-time ministry sharing their gripping testimony wherever the Lord leads.

Looking forward to hearing the Testimony,

Pastor Dennis


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